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Flame Detector

IR Flame Detector | RFD-IR

IR Flame Detector (RFD-IR) is a new technology detector that implements 

digital processing technology. 


IR Flame Detector (RFD-IR) is a new technology detector that implements digital processing technology. 

The IR flame detector recognizes energy generated in a narrow region of the infrared spectrum in the electromagnetic wave spectrum. 

Applicable to both industrial and commercial use. 

It can be used where there is a risk of fire accidents related to hydrocarbon-based fuels. 


[  General  ] 

• Spectral Response : Infrared ray              

• Detection Range : 17M 

• Response Characteristics : 100°              

• Response time: 10 Seconds 

•Temperature Range : -40℃ to +75℃ (Operating) -50℃ to +80℃ (Storage) 

• Humidity Range : 0 to 90% relative humidity  

• Operating Voltage : Typical 24Vdc (17 to 30) 

[  Structure  ] 

• Dimensions : 103×107×45 ( W×H×D ) 

• Enclosure Material : Aluminum  

• Shipping Weight : 1.2㎏ (Apporximately) 

• Conduit Entry Size : 2 * 1/2 inch PF 

•  Enclosure material and color: Aluminum case powder coating, Ivory  

[  Electrical  ] 

• Output: Relay-Solid state ( Form C, 32VDC(5A), 120VAC (12A), 240VAC (10A) ) 

• DISPLAY - Initialization: LED blinks for 5 seconds - Normal: LED blinks every 5 seconds - In case of fire: LED turns on /

  LED returns after fire extinguishes 

[  Wire ]  

• Power connection: Connect the 24Vdc power to IN+, IN- according to the polarity. 

• Fire output signal wiring: Connect the signal line to receive the fire signal to the COM and N.O terminals. 

 (The output signal is a non-powered contact that is not powered on) 

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